Mika Ikeda (MICA)

Textile designer and Illustrator


I am originally from Japan. My aim for creating is Waku Waku (exciting)


2011-2012             JIMI Pattern Making School; Kyoto, Japan (Part time course)

                               Dress pattern making and basic draping

2010-2011            The Arts University College at Bournemouth, UK

                                BA (Hons) Textiles (First class)

2008-2010             The Arts University College at Bournemouth, UK

                                 Foundation Degree in Textiles

2001-2004, 2012   Masa Mode Academy of Arts; Osaka, Japan (Part time course)

                               Illustration Advanced class

2003-2008             Miyabi Wasou School; Nagoya, Japan

                                Sewing Japanese ‘Kimono’ course (Part time course) 


2004-2005             Shoe Craft School; Nagoya, Japan

                                 Basic shoe-making course (Part time course)

1989-1991             Gifu City Women’s College; Gifu, Japan

                                  Associate Degree in Fashion Design and Clothing Science